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Engineered Geomembranes

For over 25 years The Vesl Group has been involved in the supply of Engineered Geomembranes to a wide range of industries in Australia. These high quality chemical and weather resistant Geomembranes have broad applications across the spectrum of liquid containment.

Professional Expertise & Experience

Vesl Membrane Systems (a division of Vessel Engineering Services Pty Ltd) was formed in 1977. Australian owned and operated, it and associated company
Tension Span Structures Pty Ltd have a long history with DuPont Elvaloy® Terpolymer Geomembrane technology, potable PVC and urethane Geosynthetics.

Starting with experimental Solar collecting brine ponds for the Solar Energy Research Centre at the University of Queensland in 1984, Elvaloy® Terpolymer Technology Geomembrane has a proven superior long term performance while other membrane solutions have come and gone.

High strength base substrates, with high coating adhesion, tensile and tear strengths are required for long life in tough, elevated stress applications.

Our professional engineering background and extensive experience with performance specifications have enabled the unique attributes of Elvaloy® Terpolymer Geomembrane, including Seaman XR® Technology Geomembrane, to be utilized in large scale projects and many other high performance applications.