Melbourne Floating Cover

After an exhaustive tender evaluation and 2 year investigation, a design using XR® Technology Geomembrane was chosen for the 90000 sq.m biogas floating cover project at Melbourne Water's Werribee Victoria processing facility.

Shorelands Bund Liner

This remote area secondary containment for hydrocarbon fuels required a large one piece flexible liner with tested factory seaming. In this case accurately located sumps were factory welded in place, ensuring a fast installation free of field seaming.

Hayman Island Resort Pool

An unusual requirement for superior strength and tear resistance and light colour was met with over 6,000 sq.m of Elvaloy® XR® Technology Membrane. The concrete substructure had cracked and was subject to subsidence requiring the membrane liner to provide the mechanical and hydrostatic containment, and solve a serious problem of excessive water loss and erosion.

Torres Strait Potable Cover

Over 18,000 sq.m of Elvaloy® XR® Technology Geomembrane was supplied for Coconut and Warraber Islands drinking water storages. These islands have little natural fresh water and collection on rainwater is vital to securing supply. XR-5® PW was chosen for its weathering resistance, high mechanical strength, ease of fabrication and flexibility.

Singapore Landfill - A World First

Singapore citizens generate over 6,000 tonnes of refuse per day. The government decided to join two small islands with a 7km long berm to enclose an area of 350 hectares drained to create a new landfill. The liner prevents seepage into the surrounding ocean. Seaman XR-5® Elvaloy® Terpolymer Geomembrane was chosen after a rigorous year long evaluation due to its properties of high tensile and dead load seam strength and ability to be laid under water. The 700,000 sq.m liner is the largest single application of XR® Technology to date.

Rainwater & Portable Tanks

Our rainwater tanks are the perfect choice for collecting and storing rainwater, they also meet all requirements for Government rainwater storage rebates. Contact your local council for more information and to claim your rainwater tank rebate.

Our portable Pack-A-Tank® are very popular, these are available in sizes from 50-5000L. With the outdoor adventurer in mind our Backseat 80 and 125 Litre tanks have been design to fit the backseat or foot well of most 4WD and SUV vehicles when full.

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